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Documentary,  26 min, 2013

Director, Screenwriter, DOP, Editor: Tomas Polensky, Viktor Portel,

Producer: Czech television

The observational documentary maps out the production of the play Troilus and Cressida on the stage of the Czech National Theatre. During the rehearsals, the authors of the production, together with David Radok, make a probe into the present-day Czech reality. Do we share some of the scepticism that Shakespeare too had experienced? Are we a self-confident society or do we rather resemble a tired Greek army standing in front of the gates of Troy? Do we know, after twenty years of democracy, what we’re fighting for and where we’re heading? Or are we mainly preoccupied with disputes as irrational as the abduction of Helen, using big words to cover up our own weaknesses, or perhaps even bad intentions?

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